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Far in the future, the resources of Earth have become insufficient, its ecosystem long ago changed irrevocably by a passing meteor. Humankind has divided into two: the people who have escaped Earth and relocated to the space colony, 'Orbital Arc,' and the others who have remained on Earth in a facility called ‘The Shelter.’ 

Ultra Age is a high-speed, sword-swinging action game set in the far future that follows the story of young warrior Age, who embarks on a mission to save humankind from extinction. Use your blades to cut through robotic and mutant foes, explore futuristic locales, and unravel a vast conspiracy concerning the fate of the planet.

Slash through foes with a variety of blades in high-speed, stylish action!

Launch the wire skill to pull smaller enemies toward you, or Quantum Warp to get instant access to larger foes!

Gather elements to enhance your blades, expand your skills, and learn new combos.

Encounter mysterious characters and overcome menacing bosses to uncover the story behind the fate of humankind.